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I dedicate most of my attention to movie reviews. However, I have been known to dabble in writing about other media and via alternative forms of address...

On the Fence #2 – The Strong Language in The Grand Budapest Hotel
On the Fence #1 – The Diary of a Teenage Girl’s 18 Certificate
On the Fence Introduction
2015 – My TV Picks
Things I Love About Movies #1 – Dialogue-free musical sequences
Things I Love About Movies Introduction
When ‘bad’ just isn’t good enough . . . – A study into The Mist's most despicable character
What’s the Score with Batman v Superman?
Affleck as Batman – My Two Cents . . .
The Dark Knight Rises – A John Blake Story (SPOILERS)
The Dark Knight Rises – Hidden Preconceptions

2016 – My Top 10 (January-June)
2015 – My Top 10
2015 – My Top 10 (Tease)
2015 – My Top 10 (January-June)
2014 – My Top 10
2013 – My Top Five

FrightFest 2016 (Bloody Disgusting)
‘Realive’ is a Moving Sci-Fi Love Story
‘The Windmill Massacre’ Isn’t Your Average Slasher
‘Broken’ Will in Fact Break You
‘Blood Feast’ Has the Makings of a Cult Favourite
‘From a House on Willow Street’ is a Case of Too Much, Too Soon
‘The Chamber’ is a Well-Made Submarine Survival Thriller
‘My Father Die’ is a Striking and Mythic Revenge Thriller

Cannes 2015

The Oxford Brookes Film Studies department are kind enough to offer Cannes Film Festival passes to twenty students each year and I was lucky enough to attend in 2015. Here's my coverage of the festival, including reviews of all the films I managed to see and a top 10...

An Introduction
Amy – Devastating
Carol – Marvellous Mara
Dope – Malcolm in the Middle
Macbeth – Seminal
Mad Max: Fury Road – Faster & Furiosa
Madonna – A Tough Watch
Sicario – It could have been so much more . . .
Son of Saul – Fearless
The Measure of a Man – Dour
Valley of Love – The Deer and the Bear
Youth – Spritely
Cannes Top 10